St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre
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Our Centre building is a 297-unit rental building, seven stories high with a beautiful outdoor patio and seasonal gardening.

As a resident, you will have access to our Centre Shop, where we sell basic necessities and healthy snacks at an affordable cost. Our Centre Shop includes wifi and a reading area where volunteers are available at allocated times to lend a helping hand. We also have an onsite team of maintenance workers should you have any concerns. 

Rent subsidies

St. Paul's L'Amoreaux Centre offers 258 subsidized rental apartment units to seniors with low to moderate income. Residents may apply for subsidy from Housing Connections while they are waiting for an available unit.

The Rent Geared to Income program (RGI) is administrated by the City of Toronto. Eligibility for assistance is established through the Housing Connections Program. You can visit their website or call 416-981-6111 for more information.

Admission criteria

  • Must be 59 years or older
  • Have legal status in Canada (namely citizen, permanent resident, landed immigrant, refugee status)
  • Able to live independently
  • Able to pay rent

RGI meal plan unit is Bachelor apartment with no kitchen. The rental price is $956.37. Given that the unit does not include a kitchen, it is essential to enroll in our Meal Plan package, which covers both lunch and dinner provided by the Terrace Restaurant. The cost of this package is $550 per month. Therefore, the total rental price is $956.37+$550 = $1506.37. If you are eligible for rent gear to income subsidy, the total rent will be around 30% of your income.

Currently, we do not have any rental units available. Rental Applications are processed on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in our RGI meal plan unit, please email your name and phone number to below email address, we will add you to our internal waiting list.

All units are designed with grab bars, non-slip flooring that meet seniors' accessibility needs. Each has a small pantry with bar fridge, units do not have a stove. Our unit size starts from 236 sq. ft to 319sq. ft. Mandatory use of the Meal Plan package offered by our Terrace Restaurant is applied to the unit rental.

The photos and video of the unit is 236 sq. ft and is used only for marketing purposes. Furniture and accessories are not included in rental price.

Please contact:
Esther Leung 416-493-3333 ext 328
Nicole Hui 416-493-3333 ext 235
or email us at

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